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Intramuscular Injections

Personal Recollections

Are you afraid of getting an injection?

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May 4, 2014

My biggest fear as a kid was IF my mom felt I needed my temperature taken, was it going to lead to a shot? She would have me lay down on the bed as she prepared the thermometer. Soon, she would insert the cold glass thermometer and the wait would begin. I didn't mind the gooey vaseline but I did mind what it could lead to.

From the moment she decided to take my temperature I had to pray it would be normal. So my anxiety would rise from the mention of taking my temperature and continue to rise until after it was done. Sometimes my mother would have conversations with other family members as the thermometer was inside me. I'm sure she had no idea I was terrified the entire time. Eventually she would take it out and hold it up and read it. If it was above 98.6 she always said, "You do have a fever," "I'm going to call the doctor." Those words lead to INSTANT TERROR!

She didn't tell me what the fever was but I knew if the doctor was coming I would be getting a Penicillin shot. After she called the doctor I would begin to tell my mom that I didn't want a shot. My mom, trying to calm me would always play it down and say "I don't think you'll have to get one."

While that felt good for a second, I began thinking of every other time the doctor came and I ALWAYS wound up getting a shot. So my anxiety immediately came back full. I think i repeated my worry about getting a shot many times before the doctor arrived.

An hour or so later the doctor came and he would throw many friendly remarks and do the whole temperature process all over again. He was very old and he never stuck the thermometer in as gently as my mom did. Now my anxiety was ten times more because I was sure a shot was going to happen. After a few minutes the doctor would remove the thermometer and I would wait and listen.

Ultimately I would hear him say, "He does have a fever." "I am going to give him some medicine to be safe." Instantly my anxiety went off the scale and tears began to flow. I felt very alone during this time because I knew my mom would go along with the doctor.

The worst part now was, he would open his black bag and go into the kitchen with my mom and he would actually boil the needle. I had to lay there the entire time terrified waiting for the whole process of boiling the needle was over. I knew that at any time my mom and the doctor would walk in and I was going to feel a pain like no other.

As a young kid we aren't used to many pains and medical procedures and a shot was one of the most terrifying thoughts ever.

What made it worse was that my mom never related to how scared I was. Or, she purposely ignored it. She would smile and tell me it will be okay. So after 15 minutes or so they both walked in and my mom would start rolling my body over and pull my pants down. I was crying hard at this point saying I didn't want a shot.

My mother would comfort me with useless remarks like "I know honey. It will be over real fast." I would begin to kick my legs real fast and cry harder but my mom eventually held my legs down and I would feel the alcohol being rubbed on the side of my butt. It truly was a distgusting feeling being so helpless and having my legs held as well.

After the alcohol, my mom and the doctor would slowly count to three; And at 3, that needle WAS jammed deep into my butt. It was a pain of all pain. First the pain of the cold needle deep inside my muscle and then the endless burning of the medicine going in me. Here I was totally helpless with medicine slowly going inside me burning away like crazy.

Even when the needle was pulled out it hurt like crazy and I screamed even more. The doctor would say, "There all finished," which fell on deaf ears because I was in so much pain.

After that my mom pulled my pants back up and I layed there for several hours as my butt burned inside. I talked to no one.

This happened a lot through grade school up until 14 years old. It became my biggest fear all year long. And it all started with having my temperature taken. I don't think there was one time where I didn't have a fever. To this day it is my biggest fear in the world......

February 23, 2014

When I was ten years old I was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. The nurse came in and pulled the curtain around my bed so that the visitors for the other boy in the room, parents and 14-15 year old sister couldn't see. Then the nurse said I was going to get 2 injections. When she saw that I thought they were going to be in the arm she said " I'm afraid you're going to have to turn over for these. "

I had to lie on my stomach on the hospital bed and she pulled my pajamas down to my knees.

After the first I tried to plead not to have the second but I was crying too much to get the words out. All the time the people on the other side of the curtain could hear the whole thing. I was very embarrassed to have my bottom exposed.

February 5, 2014

I'm an 18 year old female and I stepped on a nail recently. I went to the doctor and he told me that I needed a tetanus shot.

I waited a few minutes and the male nurse came in carrying the small syringe. He said I need to turn around and bend over. I pulled up my skirt and he pulled down my panties. Without a word I felt him stick me in the butt with the needle, inject and then he pulled it out. He squeezed my butt cheek a few times and pulled up my panties.

I was embarrassed as my entire bottom was bared, but soon forgot as I got a needle stuck in my butt. I do have to admit my butt was not sore today and I did not have a sore arm.

February 4, 2014

I'm a 19 year old female and I went to the doctor expecting to get a prescription for antibiotics. I went to this walk in clinic and the doctor was from India. He said you young people never finish all of your antibiotics so I am going to give you a shot of penicillin. I was told to turn over and loosen my jeans . He pulled them down to my knees. Then he pulled down my panties. Then he pinched my butt cheek and jammed the first long needle in my butt and injected. I screamed it was hurting and begged him to pull out the needle. He then grabbed my other cheek and jammed the second needle in telling me to be a big girl. I was crying when he finished with the second shot. He said all is done, you can get dressed and gave me a tissue to wipe away the tears. I don't want you to scare my other patients and walked out.

February 2, 2014

I was in hospital to get my tonsils removed. Early in the morning, I was still half asleep, I heard that the nurse came into the room, lifted the blanket and my negligee. When I felt the cold alcohol pad at my butt, I wondered what will happen. But it was so fast that he jabbed the needle in. It hurt like hell.

January 5, 2014

It is not unusual that we receive injections by our personal family doctor in the butt cheek, because we have known him for ages now, and he knows my butt too. So I had to pull down my jeans and lay down. The doctor came and said that he will split the supplement into 2 as it was a combination which might hurt a bit, both when injecting and for the next hours. If I would agree? Well, what to say than ok if you want to get well again quickly? Usually the panty was just pushed aside, but this time he lowered it quiet a bit and and started disinfecting both cheeks. It felt unusually chilly. It took a moment until he came back. Without much hesitation I felt another alcohol swab on one cheek again and without further warning he jabbed the needle in, but then it burned like hell and took ages when he pushed it in. I heard a lot of bla bla but not really listened to it. Just after he pulled out the needle he asked if I need some time to relax but the same moment recommended to continue in order to get it done quickly. Which he then also did. But this time he spend more time with the alcohol swab, with telling what happens (if I wouldn't know that?!) and with injecting. It still hurt much. At the end he offered to stay a while to relax but I quickly pulled up my pants and jeans. However, I was rubbing my butt cheeks the rest of the day and in the bed.

December 30, 2013

I was in my brothers apartment and my dad called and said the doctor had prescribed an injection My brother told him it was ok and since he was studying to be a doctor he could give it to me.  He then announced to me I had to get an injection.  He also said that this injection has to go on my butt.  I reluctantly laid on my tummy and he took off my shorts and underwear completely.  Then he proceeded to give me the shot which was painful and hurt a bit.

December 18, 2013

I had pulled a muscle in my back. After going into the doctor to have it checked out, he said he'd order up some medication for me. A couple of shots. I didn't really care at this point because I was in so much pain. After a couple of minutes, the tech came back into the room with two rather large syringes, both full of liquid. I wasn't thrilled, and made the comment about my arm was going to hurt. Then he looked at me and said "No, these go into your butt. "Both of them". I really didn't like that, but it had to be done. He ordered me onto my stomach on the exam table and told me to lower my pants and panties. He swabbed the top middle of my right cheek, told me to take a deep breath and exhale, and he inserted the needle and injected the first muscle relaxer quickly with a little sting. I figured the second one would be about the same until he said, ďThis one's going to hurt....". He swabbed the top middle of my left cheek, and inserted the second needle. As soon as he started injecting, it felt like liquid fire going into my butt! It hurt so bad, and took so much longer than the first shot. After he was done, my butt felt like it was on fire. A couple hours later, my left cheek was still painful, and I hope not to have to do that ever again.

October 18, 2013

I came home from school my mom was sitting with one of our neighbors she was in her mid 70ies and she is an old nurse I was feeling a little bit ill so I thought going to my room and rest would be good but, this old nurse is like a hawk; she told my mom that I need to go to my room and wear my pajamas I was looking sick and I needed to be looked at.

My mom approved a minute later she came with a little bag and told me to lay on my tummy. She exposed my bottom to its full, separated my butt cheeks and slid a big thermometer in my rectum...I moaned my mom petted my bottom and told me to be quiet. The old lady took the thermometer and read it.  She pinched my bottom and said, "you are one very ill young lady but don't worry, it's nothing that a good cocktail injection can't fix".

I jumped and sat back on the bed and said no way, the old lady grinned "missy you are about to have a strong dose of medicine in your fanny, I am sure you wouldn't want me to smack it first..." I looked at my mom she told me to relax and she will be holding me; I knew this old hog has the power so I lay back on bed. -Turn you head to the wall and close your eyes darling; I use to give 20 of these every day, I will be very gentle. She swabbed my butt cheek with alcohol... -Relax my dear, I have a very sharp needle in will go in smoothly. Donít tense up there you go... As she said that she jabbed me. It was uncomfortable but nothing compared to what she was about to do.

Okay, it is a thick medicine, but I will inject it slowly take a nice deep breath. And then, the torture started she started to pump the liquid flame in to me.  I tried keep quiet but couldn't.  I gave a small sob. -Deep nice breaths Hun, it's for your own good.  You already had the half of it... -Please Miss I cried, it burns a lot...please stop... -Darling if I pull the needle out now, I insert it again, just hang on. I squeezed mom's hand, this old women was really torturing me, I gave up my dignity and openly sobbed.

The nurse pulled the needle out and firmly pressed the cotton swab. -Please rub it burns a lot... -We have to press it a while darling, you have a lot of medicine it there I will give you a long rub in a minute. The nurse told my mom to keep pressing the cotton, she spread my butt cheeks again -Tis suppository will sedate you darling, after a long nice sleep you will be as good as new. She slid the big bullet in to my rectum and kept her finger in me until it melted. But my focus was solemnly in my bottom my mom was still pressing the injection spot. The nurse told my mom to throw the cotton ball she soaked a new one with alcohol and started rubbing my bum she gave me a long circular rub.

I literally passed out due to the pain and the sedative she stuffed in to my butt. I took two days off from school the old nurse came every morning and took my temperature; she also checked the injection spot. Thank god she didnít suggest giving me a second dose. I was the last injection I had now I avoid them at all costs.

October 14, 2013

Mom took me to the doctor to get caught up my shots. I thought I would get a shot in each arm and go home with sore arms. After I got into the exam room, mom told me I would get four major shots, plus some boosters. I knew I was going to have a sore bottom then. The nurse came in carrying a tray with ten total shots. She said to lie on the table and pull my underwear down to my knees. I got 2 shots in each hip and buttocks. These shots really hurt my bottom. The nurse then gave me the boosters, 3 in each buttocks and thighs. These didn't hurt much, just stung a little. My bottom was quite sore for a few days.

September 9, 2013

Having being told I needed an injection, I was resigned to having it in my bum. It didn't bother me too much. I was glad I was wearing my best undies! The nurse commented on how pretty my nylon slip looked - I always wear a slip - and we chatted about where I bought it whilst she prepared the injection. She was younger than me - around 25 - and seemed very professional. The injection was a little painful and she apologized for how long she had to leave the needle in my bum. Apparently, the injection had to be given slowly. Once it was done, I pulled up my panties, lowered my slip and skirt and left.

June 29, 2013

Had to have monthly injection for endometriosis. Showed up at doctor's and they took me to a room where she took the syringe and led me to an exam room. The door was closed except for about an inch. I was standing and the nurse sat in a chair behind me. Pulled my pants and underwear down in back far enough but not all the way. My pants stayed up in front to cover everything. She swabbed my right hip then I felt a tiny sting then a slight burn then it was over and I pulled my pants up.

March 19, 2013

My Mum took me to the doctor for a routine checkup before school started. After the exam was almost over, the Nurse said "I'll check his shots", after which my Mum produced my vaccination record. The nurse looked it over, and said, "Looks like the DPT booster", and left the room. I was sitting on the exam table in my undershorts waiting, not really knowing what was going to happen. After a short while, the Nurse came and opened the door, holding a small tray with a syringe on it with a small amount of red liquid in it. "Lie on your tummy" she said, which she had said earlier in the exam when she had taken my temperature in my butt. I knew then that the shot was going in my butt, and a surge of adrenaline and fear came over me. In a meek voice, I protested, "I don't want a shot"....The Nurse said, "You HAVE to".....and my Mum, who is from England, also chimed in " You MUST!!"....at that point, I asked the Nurse, "Can't I have it in my arm?"...to which she replied "Nooo", and she was kind of laughing at the "cuteness" of my question, I could see the smirk on her face, knowing that she was quite happy that it was going to be in my butt....so I reluctantly said "Oooooh, Okay" and rolled over and put my face in the pillow on the table. "Does it hurt", I asked? "Ooooh, a little", the Nurse said.

Next thing, the Nurse came up behind me and lifted the waistband of my "tidy whities", and pulled them down to the bottom of my cheeks where they would stay down. I felt the swad of alcohol next, she rubbed it quite vigorously for a while to make sure everything was clean. After that, I waited, what seemed like a while, while she prepared the injection. I turned my head around to take a look after a while of waiting, and I saw her holding the big needle in the air, flicking it to get the air bubbles out. After that, she approched me, and said, "This is gonna sting a little"....she jabbed the needle into my butt, while holding the skin taut with two fingers, and that wasn't so bad, but when she pushed the plunger and injected the stuff, it hurt so bad I cried like a baby till it was over, and then some. She pulled out the needle and wiped it off and pulled up my underwear. I was still crying and really mad at the humiliation of it all, with my Mum watching and everything, and I sat up and told the Nurse "You're MEAN!

January 16, 2013

1. How old are you now?
2. Are you male or female?
3. What country do you live in?
4. How old were you the last time you had to get a hypodermic injection in your bottom?
In my teens.
5. Why did you have to have an injection?
6. Did you know it was going to be done in your bottom?
7. Where were you when you had to receive the shot?
8. Who told you that you were going to have to get a shot?
The Nurse
9. Who administered the injection?
10. Was the care provider that was going to administer your injection male or female?
11. What did the care provider say when you were told that you were going to have to have an injection?
That I was going to be given antibiotics to treat the infection. The nurse did not tell me that the medicine was to be administered my injection.
12. How did the care provider tell you that it was going to have to be done in your bottom?
The nurse came into my room and told me that she would be giving me a shot in my backside.
13. How did you feel about getting a shot in your bottom?
At that time, I was ambivalent about it. I didn't know any better
14. How were you positioned for the injection?
Lying flat on the exam table
Lying on my stomach on my hospital bed.
15. What were you wearing at the time?
A hospital gown.
16. How undressed did you have to get?
The nurse moved the gown so that my bottom was exposed enough to administer the shot.
17. How bad did the injection hurt?
It was very painful
18. Did you cry?
1. How old are you now?
I remember the first shot being uncomfortable, but the succeeding ones were so painful that I cried and yelled.
19. Was the experience embarrassing?
No, I didn't care.
20. Please take a few moments to tell us exactly what happened the last time you had to have an injection in your bottom.
The sequence above was, much to my upcoming discomfort, to be repeated twice daily. Each shot became more and more painful. It became necessary for the nurse to have a couple of orderlies to hold me down as on previous occasions I had jumped at the insertion of the needle into my butt which caused it to come out only to have the nurse stick me all over again.. It turned out that the drug was Penicillin. The duration of the injections was almost a week. I was so relieved one morning when the nurse came into my room and told me that the infection had responded to the antibiotics very well and that the doctor said that I was able to be discharged that day. My bottom was very, very sore, but I was so relieved to go home and not to be receiving any more of them.

November 18, 2012

I am doing gymnastics in a sports team, during the practice I hurt my back, I was in pain and I told my trainer that I wanted to stop because I was afraid to damage the pulled muscle more and not being able to compete the next week. He told one of my team mates to go and bring the club's doctor.

My friend came back and said the doctor had already gone, but his assistant was still around. The assistant took me to one of the rooms where we do stretching before starting the practice.  He told me to lay on a mat on the ground he checked my back and said that I just pulled a muscle and there is nothing to worry.  He rubbed some voltaren gel to the area and and massaged my back.  I was in tears.

He patted my back and told me to relax he was going to give me something for the pain.  I was in pain so I didn't look at what he was doing.  He told me to raise my hips a little bit and he pushed my shorts down.  He told me to lay flat.  It's only when I understood that he was about to jab me.  He swabbed my butt with cold alcohol, and told me to take deep breath.  I was in some kind of a shock.  I wasn't expecting this.  The needle didn't hurt but the medicine put my bottom on fire.  I couldn't help myself and I moaned and told him that it hurts.  He said, "I know honey." 

He took the needle out and said, "Hang on, I will rub you."  He rubbed my bum with the cotton ball for a few minutes which subsided the pain a little.  He pulled my short ups and told me to stand up when I feel ready. I was ashamed and I wanted to get out of there quickly so I literally jumped back to my feet.  He told me that he gave me a very strong painkiller and my back will be as good as new in ten minutes.  I went back to the gym and watched the practice with my trainer.   Indeed my back pain was gone in ten minutes but my butt remained sore for the rest of the week.

November 13, 2012

I went to the emergency room because I cut my finger deeply with garden sheers. It was hurting so bad that I was throwing up so my husband drove me. They had me in a hallway bed because the little rooms with curtains were full.

That was part of the problem with the experience because when they had me pull down my pants I could cover up with a sheet, but when they gave the shots, my husband had to hold the sheet up for him so I had some privacy, but really everyone could see me get the shots and cry.

They gave me a shot for the vomiting, an antibiotic because a lot of dirt got in it, a shot for the pain, and a tetanus booster. The doctor said the tech would come and give me the shots, then do the stitches. When he arrived he said that these all go in your backside so you need to roll over and pull down your shorts and pantries. Then you can cover up with the sheet.  When he was ready my husband had to hold up the sheet.  I don't know which one he did first but each one seemed more painful.  For the first two (one on each side) it hurt a lot and I had a hard time breathing and had tears in my eyes. Then he went back to the first cheek to do the third one.  I couldn't stop from yelling and crying like a kid.  My husband had to put the sheet down and kind of hold me down while trying to comfort me, so I know my bottom was at least a little exposed to the whole ER. 

I had to sit up for the stitches in my finger.  My bottom was still burning and it was hard to sit for it.  Not only that but I felt humiliated during this because I felt like everyone had seen my ordeal or at least heard it.  I would have rather just dealt with the pain and vomiting so I could have only had two shots instead of four.

October 6, 2012

I went to the Dr. to get my yearly pneumonia shot. My mom told the nurse to check my chart to see if I needed any other shots. After she checked, she told mom what I needed to catch up on my boosters.Mom told her that I will have all of them today.That is when the nurse told me to take off my pants and sit on the exam table and wait on her to get the shots ready.When the nurse came back, she had me slide up the table and roll over on my tummy. She told me to raise up and she pulled my undies down past my cheeks to the top of my thighs.She then started giving me the shots. They stung but they weren't real painful. It was more painful for mom to be seeing my bare bottom.

October 1, 2012

I had to drive out of state for a weekend work assignment. I felt sick the entire ride, I had chills, and was beginning to feel nauseous. I was wrapped in a heavy wool sweater had the heat blasting the entire ride but I was still cold. When I arrived at the hotel I began vomiting. I had to call the desk and ask them to refer me to a doctor or emergency room. They recommended a local emergency clinic.

When I arrived, I told the doctor that I had to work the weekend and needed to get better quick. He said he could give me a shot for the vomiting and would prescribed some antibiotics, but said I should rest for 24 hours before antibiotics. I told him that I couldn't wait that long! (big mistake). He said the only alternative was an injection of antibiotics. For some reason I thought they would need to start and intravenous in my arm to give them. After sitting in the room alone for about 15 minutes the doctor and nurse returned to the room. The nurse was holding 2 gigantic needles in her hand. The smaller one had clear liquid and the giant one had yellowish liquid. I laughed a little and began to roll up my sleeve, and said are you going to start an IV? He laughed and said, "sorry honey, I am going to need to give you two injections in your bottom. You can lie on your tummy or just bend over the table. I'm sorry but these the shots are a quite large and painful and I would recommend you lie down for them."

I reluctantly dropped my jeans and panties and got into position on the table. I am not sure if I was shaking more from the chills or just being afraid. As they rubbed my little tush with alcohol, they told me several times to relax. The nurse said okay here we go. I definitely yelled like a baby and the doctor just kept telling me not to tense up. The first shot (phenagram?) stung badly and I remember the nurse saying it was done but it still felt like the needle was in me. The second shot (I think it was rocephin) burned like crazy. I actually thought it was done and she said. "try to relax; half way done." She said if I would relax it would hurt less but I just couldn't relax with a giant needle sticking in my butt cheek. Finally she said, "all done."

Wow, think I just laid there for 5 minutes. Afterwards, both sides were burning. I felt better the next morning, but not sure if I ever want anything like that again.

September 30, 2012

1. How old are you now?


2. Are you male or female?


3. What country do you live in?


4. How old were you the last time you had to get a hypodermic injection in your bottom?


5. Why did you have to have an injection?

I had a pretty severe infection and needed antibiotic injections.

6. Did you know it was going to be done in your bottom?


7. Where were you when you had to receive the shot?

Doctor's Office

8. Who told you that you were going to have to get a shot?

The Doctor

9. Who administered the injection?


10. Was the care provider that was going to administer your injection male or female?


11. What did the care provider say when you were told that you were going to have to have an injection?

The best way to treat this is to give you two injections of two different antibiotics every day for the next five days and then see how you are doing.

12. How did the care provider tell you that it was going to have to be done in your bottom?

Okay, these are big needles and the best place for me to give them to you is in your heinie. I need you to stand here at the end of the table. Please lower your pants and panties to your knees now, please. Please bend forward and rest your elbows on the table; this is going to hurt but it will be over quick...

13. How did you feel about getting a shot in your bottom?

I know that whenever a MD says you have to get an antibiotic injection it is likely going to be given in my bottom, it's going to hurt and the muscle is going to be sore for a few days, so it is probably the best place to get it so I'm kind of resigned to the idea.

14. How were you positioned for the injection?

Bending over the edge of the exam table

15. What were you wearing at the time?

Slacks and a blouse.

16. How undressed did you have to get?

I had to unbutton, unzipper my slacks and lower them to my knees; the nurse lowered my panties to my knees for me; I had to lift my blouse up to my waist and hold it out out of the way as I leaned forward.

17. How bad did the injection hurt?

It was very painful

18. Did you cry?


I teared up a bit with the second injection the first day; I found each subsequent injection more painful each day and teared up more quickly.

19. Was the experience embarrassing?

No, I didn't care.

because that's what had to happen at the time. I always feel a bit like a child at the moment, but it's okay if I get better after getting the injections. But then I remember my husband also gets his injections in his heinie when he's sick so it's no big deal I guess.

20. Please take a few moments to tell us exactly what happened the last time you had to have an injection in your bottom.

It was exactly as I said; the injections were 4 cc each and the MD uses a 1.5" needle so it hits the muscle. The two medicines hurt; one burned and one stung; two huge lumps formed in the muscles that made by bottom very sore all night and I had bruises the next day; I had to get two more injections the next day as well; the MD changed which drug went into which side, but it hurt more each day. I wound up needing injections for over 3 weeks before I was able to break the fever and get rid of the infection. A third drug was added which really, really hurt but seemed to help.


July 19,2012

My step mother went into the exam room with me, because I was pretty weak and just felt sick. I didn't want to be by myself with the doctor. I thought I was just going to get a prescription, and I didn't think I would even have to get undressed. I was told I had to have a rocephin injection for a bacterial infection. I thought, no big deal, and I started to roll up my sleeve. The nurse smiled and said, "go ahead and bend over the end of the table, you will be getting your shots in your bottom today." Shots? more than one?

I said, "I'd really rather have it in my arm, if that's o.k." Then she said, "This is an intramuscular injection, and you will be getting one in each cheek. Bend yourself over the end of the table now." I hesitated, and I felt a hot flush come over my face. I was waiting for my step mother to get up and leave the room so I could have some privacy, but she didn't. I really can't do this in front of her, it's too humiliating. How can I get her to leave the room for this? I slowly walked over the end of the table and bent over, feeling kind of safe, because I knew I still had my panties on. The doctor was standing by the sink, still asking me questions about my symptoms and talking to my step mother. They both had the most perfect view of my bent over bottom popped up into the air. I kept thinking, why are they still here?  A little privacy, please? It should just be me and the nurse right now! Crap, they aren't leaving! Mortified, I just grasped the sides of the table tightly, squeezing my eyes shut, and pretended this wasn't really happening. As the nurse lifted up my skirt to my mid back, I quickly turned around and said "I can take the shot in my arm, really. I'd rather have it in my arm, please".

"Young lady," the doctor snapped harshly, "Don't make this harder than it has to be. I don't want to have to bend you over my lap and hold you down for a shot. You are not a child, so don't act like one." Completely mortified, I turned back around and placed my face down on the rough white paper on the table, facing away from both of them, while tears were welling up in my eyes. Feeling completely embarrassed from being scolded and from what was about to happen to me.

The nurse quickly slid down my panties to the middle of my thighs. I felt a hot flush across my face again, except this time I know I stopped breathing. I felt like all 3 of them were just staring at my bare bottom which felt like forever. The nurse told me to take a deep breath and relax. She told me you're just going to feel a little poke, and that this was going to sting a bit and to try to hold still. I felt the cold alcohol swab rub against my skin, and I squeezed my cheeks together as tightly as I could. The nurse immediately snapped at me and said, "You need to relax your bottom, or this is going to hurt more than it has to! Don't squeeze!"

I didn't realize I was squeezing my butt together so hard, I was just in panic mode. After a few seconds, I was able to talk myself into relaxing my muscles back there, and I stopped squeezing.  As soon as I did, and without warning, I felt the searing burning pain of the needle pushed deep into my left buttock. I stopped breathing for a moment, then let out a long, loud scream. the doctor smiled slightly and said, "come on, Honey, it's not all that bad." I glared at him through the tears in my eyes. Then I abruptly began to stand up and pull up my panties. "hold on a minute sweetie, one more to go," she said.

I thought, crap, I forgot about the 2nd one. She repeated the same thing in my right buttock, and by now the pain was blinding. I felt dizzy and weak in the knees, and I just laid there, bent over not even caring anymore that these three were looking at me sobbing like a baby, and still bent over with my bare bottom completely exposed for all to see. She placed two Band-Aids on my behind, then slightly rubbed each cheek for a moment. After a few minutes, the nurse reached down and pulled up my panties and pulled down my skirt. "You'll be ok in a few minutes. All that fussing made it more painful than it had to be."

Then she asked me to turn around and sit on the table and rest a moment, but not to leave yet because she was going to have to come back with a suppository for the nausea and vomiting I was having. Suppository? Why not? Of course -- because I haven't endured enough humiliation today. When she came back, I was asked to repeat the familiar process-- bend over, hold onto the sides of the table, skirt yanked up, and panties pulled down. "OK young lady, it's just like before with the shots -- try to relax and don't squeeze your tushy".

Her skinny little finger, covered in ice cold lubrication, pushed up pretty deep into my bottom. I could feel the hard, cold suppository moving upward into my body. I whined a little and let out a good moan for that too, but not full blown tears like from the shots. "Owwiee..., take your finger out, please! You're hurting me!" I begged.

Her finger was pretty deep in there, and it felt extremely uncomfortable, but not really painful... When she finally did pull her finger out, it felt like I was having a bowel movement right there bent over the end of the table! Her finger was only in my rectum for about 8 or 10 seconds, but I just needed to get my panties pulled up, get home to my room, crawl into my bed and cry.

Thank God the doctor left the room for the suppository insertion, but my step mother didn't. I could swear that when the nurse came back with the suppository that she left the door open a crack, but I'm not sure. I didn't hear it close. This was the most humiliating and painful day of my life. As we walked out of the doctor's office, I felt like everyone at the reception desk and in the waiting room was staring at me, knowing exactly what just happened to me. The whole experience disturbed me, and I still think about the complete humiliation I went through now, over ten years later.

June 20, 2012

I am a 35 years old man. One year ago, I had an infection around my private parts, so I paid a visit to a local clinic. After my name was called, I walked into the exam room and saw a young and good looking female doctor sitting in there. While I was sitting myself down, a female nurse came in and stood beside me. My heart just sank as I was going to expose my genitals to both of them. After the consultation, the nurse showed me to the exam table and told me to remove my jeans and underpants. I was extremely embarrassed with the nurse watching me undress with my genitals exposing before her. The nurse then instructed me to lie on the exam table and waited for the doctor to come over. After a while, the doctor approached the table and started to examine me by putting her gloved hands around my genitals. Then she ran her fingers on my penis and scrotum by squeezing them gently. Finally, she spread the opening of my penis and checked that it was alright. I was so embarrassed that I didn't know where to hide my face. After the examination, the doctor told me to turn over with the help of the nurse and lie face down on the exam table. This time my bare bottom was exposed entirely to them. Without any warning, my cheeks were spred by the doctor revealing my anus and a thermometer was stuck into my rectum. She then made sure the thermometer was properly in place before she took her hand away from my bottom. My both cheeks sprang back to its original position with the thermometer sticking securely in my rectum. I was surprised that my temperature was taken rectally. After a full 3 minutes, the doctor removed the thermometer and said that I didn't have a fever, but I needed a shot in the bottom for the infection. I was very nervous after I heard that and I didn't move a muscle. She rubbed the alcohol swab on my bottom and jabbed the needle into the cheek which it stung a bit. After she removed the needle, she rubbed the alcohol swab on the injected area again and told me it's done. I quickly put back my underpants and jeans and walked out of the room with a sore bottom.

April 22, 2012

The doctor asked me to lay flat on the examination table and then he lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties down to my knee. I was very embarrassed that my bare bottom was exposed in front of the doctor at that moment. He then rubbed my bottom with an alcohol swab which I felt a bit cold. I was very nervous, but the nurse stood beside me and held my hand comforting me. The doctor jabbed the needle into me which it stung a bit and after a while he pulled the needle out and wiped the injected area with another swab. The doctor then patted my bottom saying that you're done. I pulled my panties up and I was so relieved that it was over.

I am glad to read here that others have had such embarrassing experiences. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago feeling awful. He said I had an infection and I needed a shot. He said it would go in my backside so I had to bend over the table with my pants down and wait for the nurse. Two nurses came in a bit later. The one said that it would hurt a lot and that I need to relax. When she stuck it in, I yelled out and tensed up. Then she was having trouble injecting the medicine because my muscles were so tight. So she had to pull it out and continue on the other side. She kind of spanked me a little to get it to relax. Meanwhile, I was crying like a little kid. When she stuck it in again, I yelled again and as she injected the rest I was hollering and crying. I have never been so embarrassed and will never go back there.

I was visiting a new doctor for an acute medical problem. Since it was my first time visiting she did a very thorough exam, almost a full physical. Office policy is all exams are done fully undressed, but patient gets a drape (the sheet). When she finished the exam she told me about the injection to cure the medical issue. She stepped out of the room and came back with two syringes. Told me they had to go into my bottom and had me bend over, chest and cheek on the table. Doctor used an alcohol swab to clean the injection site and administered the first injection on the right side. I guess there was a lot of serum to go in, it hurt, and she took her time. While she was giving the injection she rested her hand on my small of my back. I'm not sure why I remember that. Same thing for shot #2 but on the left side. I was sore for a day!

The doctor told me I have a big throat infection plus an allergy cough, and told me if I wanted to get well soon, I told him yes... (soon I regret that answer) so he prescribe 2 injections that day, one for the allergy and 4 of antibiotic (rocephin), so that night I had 2 (allergy + rocephin). I asked him if they would hurt... he told me "not much". I went to the pharmacy next door and when I came back he told me that in the pharmacy they sold me the IV presentation of rocephin, that is, without lidocaine, but he told me he can use it IM, so he started to prepare both shots....I was really nervous...I wanted to tell him I didn't want to get well soon, that I prefer pills but the shots were ready... he told me "ready?, lay on my stomach" I unzipped my pants and pulled them and my panties down just half the way my butt, I lay down an he started cleaning my left side...the allergy shot first...then I felt the needle in...and a burning sensation..oouchh..soon it was over...I thought it hurt but I could handle it...but then it came the antibiotic..ohh my God...he told me to lower a bit more mi pants and panties...I did, then the needle stick, so far so good, but then he started to push the medicine in, I can describe the pain, it was as if he were inserting burning liquid in my butt, as soon as he started he ask me if it hurt, I told him. a lot!!!! its the most painful experience I have had in years, I just felt more pain every second, my eyes were full of tears but I manage not to cry or drop any tears, he told me... almost finish....then it was over, he clean the spot with cotton and I immediately grab the cotton ball to lightly massage the area, I laid there for 3 minutes rubbing the area, it was really sore, I stood up, thank the doctor and left... I got three more of those injections the next days, they were really painful... that was 2 weeks ago.. and if I touch my butt I can still feel the pain in the injection site... ;(

I had not been feeling well since that morning. I got home from work and felt nauseous. Later that evening I started getting chills and more nausea. I took my temperature and it was 102.4. I called a friend of mine who was a male nurse. He came over and I told him what was going on. He called the doctor that he worked for and I heard him saying, "Yes, I would think a shot would work better too." He got off of the phone and told me that he had to go to the clinic and get some medicine that I was going to need a couple of shots. When he got back he told me that I would need to lay down. I asked him why I would need to lay down to get a shot in my arm. He said, "Sorry, these have to go in your butt." I protested, but I new that it would make me feel better. We went to my bedroom where he told me to unfasten my jeans and lay down on my bed. He told me to raise my hips and he pulled my jeans and my panties down to just above my knees. He said "I need to take your temperature while I'm back here." I again protested, but was not in a position to refuse. He stuck his finger up my butt to "lube me up" he said. Then he inserted the thermometer and waited for what seemed like ten minutes. He pulled it out and said "Yep, you definitely have a fever. This will get you feeling better in no time." With that he swabbed a spot on my left cheek and gave me the first shot. He said this if Phenergan. It will help with the nausea. It stung like hell. Then he swabbed a spot on my right cheek only lower. He said "This is an antibiotic. It will help with the infection." He stuck me again and I cried out that it hurt. He said that he knew it hurt but that it would be done shortly. He removed the needle and I lay there crying. He patted me on the butt and asked me if I wanted him to rub some of the sting away. I agreed. He had very gentle hands. He came by to check on me the next day. I had taken off from work, but was feeling better. I asked him if he needed to see my injection sites. He said not really, but it wouldn't hurt to check. I pulled my shorts and panties down and laid down on the couch. He poked and prodded and finally patted me on the butt and said everything looked good. We had a date the next weekend!

Well my friend invited me over for a sleepover, and my stomach started to ache after lots of junk food, and I actually threw up. I privately told my friends mom and she said don't worry I'm a nurse, and she disappeared into the other room, so I went back and played with my friends in the living room. She came into the living room with a quite large syringe and we all stood back and stared. ''Tara, sweetie'', she said and everyone looked at me. ''I used to give this to my daughter, Sarah, when she was little and it did the trick'', she came closer and said to me, "Now sweetie, I really want you to get better so I'm going to have to give you a little shot. Don't worry, it only feels like a little pinch. She then picked me up and placed me on the couch and said,  "Now, I'm going to turn you over now and pull your pants down, please be calm'' And she swiftly pulled my nightgown up and pulled off my undies. I heard her crinkle with some package of sort, and I felt a cotton swab on my left butt cheek. She then said ,''Its ok sweetie'', and slipped in the needle. It turned from pinching to hurting, to aching to flaming, and then finally to agony. I was freaking out. I started moving my leg but My friends mom grabbed it and she said, ''Now sweetie, your being very brave, its almost over'', and I felt the medicine slide in and then the needle slide out. She patted my butt cheek and said, ''That's my brave girl'' and pulled up my undies and pulled down my nightgown and left. I stood up and shrugged at my friends and they shrugged back, and we continued to play.

As I said I had a strep throat with a fever. I requested my temperature be taken rectally, which to my surprise it was and there was no grief or reluctance on the part of the nurse. She took my BP and pulse then had me loosen my slacks, lay face down on the examining table. I had a swab taken earlier and my throat was visually examined. I heard "Strep". Then I was directed to the exam room. I followed the instructions from the nurse. She drew the curtain, walked over to me, had me arch my hips and slid my underpants down behind my slacks. Moments later I watched her shake the thermometer down, dip it in a lubricant. Next I felt her spreading my buttocks and slowly inserting the thermometer into my rectum. She said it'd take a good 3 minutes to get my temp, but she'd be back. When she returned she announced I'd be getting two injections, one anti-biotic , one a vitamin shot. With the tray next to where I lay I could see the two syringes and needles. One was bigger than the other. Next I got my buttocks swabbed with alcohol, then a few seconds later starting in my right cheek, I got the larger needle injected. Then I got the vitamin shot in my left buttock, all the while with the rectal thermometer (glass-mercury type) still jutting out from between my butt cheeks. She administered the shots, then removed and read the thermometer and noted my chart. I was given a prescription and left the ER.

I had a very sore throat and I was running a slight fever so I decided to visit my family doctor. I got into his office and after the usual pleasantries , he checked me all over and then looked at my throat. then he said I had strep and that in order for me to feel better he would have to give me an injection. I said ok and stretched out my arm. then he said ; would u please turn around and raise your skirt and pull down your panties for me? this injection is going in your bottom. I became very scared at this point and I just turned around, facing the exam table. the doctor came up behind me and raised my skirt, then reefed my panties down all the way to the floor. he was a male doctor so I protested out of sheer fear and embarrassment, but he told me to relax, that he was a doctor and there was nothing for me to be embarrassed about. after a few seconds, I felt the alcohol swab on my bum. it was very cold. then I felt the needle going in. that wasn't so bad.......then he started the injection. it was so painful. before I knew it I was crying like a baby and the injection seemed to go on forever. when the doctor was finally done, he swabbed my bum again and put on a bandage. I put on my panties, pulled down my skirt and got out of that clinic as fast as I could. I couldn't sit down for over a week. that was definitely the worst shot I have ever had.

I had had a high temp for a few days and my mom took me to the dr. when I got there I waited till my name was called. when I was called I was taken to a room and was told to undress. I did. when the nurse came back in she examined me. she told me she needed to take my temp, I open my mouth and she says no in the other end... so I bend over and she sticks the thermometer in... 3 min later she takes it out and says I have a fever of 105and I needed a shot.... I said ok and she leaves the room... when she came back she had a tray with 6 long needles.... I asked where they had to go and she said 3 go in one butt cheek and 3 go in the other... I refuse... and she said the type of medicine she was giving me needed a big muscle and so the only place was my butt..... I still refused... so she went out and got my mom... when my mom came in the room the nurse said I refused to take my shots in the butt... my mom told me I had to obey or there would be serious consequences..... I told her no I wouldn't take them.... then mom made me stand up and bend over... when I asked why she said just to do it... so I did as I was told.... as I stool there I heard a weird jingle noise... I before I could figure it out mother had struck me with her belt... as I tried to stand up she said no I get 3 more lashes.... when mother finished she left the room.... with my bottom super sore I was told by the nurse to get on the exam table and go on my hand and knees and if I didn't obey she would het mother... I did as I was told... before the first injection the nurse slapped my bottom then rubbed and area with alcohol.... and without warning jabbed the needle in..... the next five were giving the same way...... after I left the doctor and went home... father was drinking his coffee and reading the paper.... he asked how the doctor went and mother had told him what happened.... father was angry... he ordered me to go to my room and wait... I did as I was told.... a few min later father came upstairs and closed my bedroom door.... he grabbed the leather strap off the back and told me to take off my shirt and my skirt.... I did..... then he gave me a lecture on how I needed to obey... in the end I got 5 lashes on the back and on my bare butt (where my shots had been given only hours b4) I got 15.... the next day father took me in for another injection....

I am glad to find others have had similar experiences. I went into doctor with a fever last month. The doctor said they. Would need to give me rocephin injection and update all my vaccines. That worried me a little because I knew it had been a long time so it might be a lot of shots. Then the nurse came in with four needles and told me to drop my pants and bend over the table! I argued a little and she said that some of them need to be given in the bottom and then it would be easier for all of them to go there and less painful than the arm. So I did as asked and bent over with my bottom totally exposed. I felt an incredible amount of embarrassment and nervousness. She cleaned the area and I got really scared then. She said this will sting a little but it stung a lot and I kind of jumped and yelled because she just jabbed it in hard. Then it really started burning. Same thing with next shot but on other side. Then for third shot she went back to the first side and said that she knew my. Bottom was getting sore but we were half done. Third and fourth one hurt so much that I was crying and yelling. I felt like a little kid getting shots. When it was done she seemed to treat me that way in the way she spoke like "there there all done, just lie on the table a few minutes so I can come back and check it in a few minutes." Then they actually told me that the rocephin had to be repeated every day for 4 days. My husband had to drag me back each day almost in tears. I could not even sit down by the end of the week but did feel better otherwise. The experience was very humiliating and I'm thinking of finding a new doctor.

I had a sore throat for a couple of days and couldn't get rid of it. When I started feeling nauseous I decided I needed to go to the doctor. I went to the clinic on campus. The doctor told me I would need two shots. The next thing I knew a male nurse in training came in with his supervisor who was also a male nurse to give me my shot. When I complained they said all of the other attendants were busy. I didn't feel good so I just decided to get it over with. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans then got up on the exam table. I pulled my jeans and my panties down about halfway. The male nurse then tells me the shots are going into the lower part of my bottom and pulls my jeans and panties down well past my bottom. The nurse in training then took his time giving me the shots. I must have had my bottom bared for a good five minutes. I'm sure they enjoyed themselves.

As I had numbness and tremor when I sat with crossed legs I visited a doctor to take an advice He suggested me to take 8 neurobion forte injections with dosage as one daily and take another 8 alternative days so I took the ampoule to the medical centre in my company and I requested the nurse there to administer me the injection He told that the injection should be administered in my hip so that I would feel better as the dosage is also a bit high starting from that I'm continuously visiting the medical centre every day different male nurses will be present as they work on shift system every day I feel a mild embarrassed to lie with bare bottom I took utmost care to check whether the treatment room door is closed and I was very much aware that none of my colleagues know that I'm taking injections. One day the nurse whom administered me was new to me he told me to lie in the examination table and was preparing medication for quiet a long time that much time no other nurses have taken then he injected it and massaged the area vigorously so that no pain or soreness occurred.  Today only my last dosage was over really relieved because for past month every day morning first work after coming to office is to go to the treatment room and lying there to get my bum injected.

While staying at my cousins' during the summer, he and his little sister and I all got into poison ivy or oak and got a really bad reaction. We were just kids then (he and I were 11 and 12, his sister was 8) so my aunt took us all to the doctor's office to get something for the rash and itching. We all went in together and the nurse told my aunt we needed the shots and she could do all three in that same exam room. I was first and really embarrassed having my younger girl cousin watching when the nurse took my pants down. My bare bottom was completely exposed and she was just staring at it and the nurse giving me the shot. It didn't really hurt, but I'll never forget it.

I went to the doctor for my physical for basketball. The nurse took me into the exam room. She had me take everything off, except panties and put a gown on. The doctor came and examined me. I told the Dr I didn't feel very good for a couple weeks. He said I had an infection and needed antibiotics. I thought the medicine would be pills. The nurse came in the room with 2 shots. I told the nurse the needles were huge and she said they needed to be that size. She went to the table and filled them. She turned around and said these go in your bottom. I just looked at her. She told me to raise my gown and lay on my tummy. I raised my hips and she pulled my panties down to my knees. The nurse told me the shots would sting a lot when she stuck me and the meds would really hurt. She told me to relax my bottom and it would be better for me. I did and told her that I was ready. She patted my left cheek and I felt the cold alcohol swab. She made a pinch and stuck the needle in. I screamed and cried harder than I ever have when I got shots. She started pushing the meds in, And it hurt so badly, I cried harder and harder. She pulled the needle out, but the pain didn't stop much. The nurse said I was really good with the shot. She told me to relax my bottom again for the next shot. She gave me the shot in my right cheek. It was as bad as the other one. The nurse said to lay still for a few minutes. She left and came back in with mom. Mom told the DR to check my shot chart and I need 6 boosters and tetanus, flu, hpv, and meningitis shots. Mom said I will get 4 boosters now in my bottom and 2 boosters and the other 4 next Saturday. The shots were given different places in my bottom. They were painful, but not as bad as the others. I did cry a little with these. Mom helped me with my panties and she helped put on my shorts. My bottom really hurts all over. I'm not looking forward to next Saturday morning. I guess its better to get it over with as soon as possible. I'll tell how good or bad the shots are next Saturday.

I had gotten sick the day before but went to school anyway. I started feeling worse so my mom called and made me an appointment to the doctor. I had come down with a bad case of strep throat. The doctor said that since I had a cheerleading competition that weekend that it would be better if I got a shot. I protested, but I knew it was better that way. The doctor left and a cute male nurse came in. I was soooo embarrassed. He assured me it would be okay. He told me remove my skirt and turn around. I felt his fingers in the waistband of my bloomers and he pulled them down to my knees. I thought okay...I guess he is just getting them out of the way. I jumped when he put his fingers in the waistband of my panties. He reassured me that everything was going to be okay, then he lowered my panties down to my knees also. I was even more embarrassed now. He told me to bend over then he wiped my cheek with alcohol. I glanced around right before he gave me the shot and saw the biggest needle I had ever seen. I tensed up right before he stuck me with the needle. As he stuck me I jumped and let out a yelp. He pulled back and said why don't you lay down. My bloomers and panties had fallen to my ankles by now so I ended up kicking them off. He helped me up on the exam table (who knows what he saw) and I laid down on my stomach. He told me to close my eyes and relax. The next thing I know it felt like a bee had stung me on my butt. I cried and he reassured me while patting me on the other cheek. Finally, he pulled the needle out and rubbed the spot where I had gotten the shot with another alcohol swab. He told me to lay there for a few minutes and he would be back to check for a reaction. He came back about 10 minutes later and I was still laying there naked from the waist down wearing my cheerleader top. He said everything "looked good" and that I could get dressed. He helped me down from the table and left the room. My butt was sore for three days.

Oct. 28, 2010

I went to the doctor for my physical for basketball. The nurse took me into the exam room. She had me take everything off, except panties and put a gown on. The Dr. came and examined me. I told the Dr I didnít feel very good for a couple weeks. He said I had an infection and needed antibiotics. I thought the medicine would be pills. The nurse came in the room with 2 shots. I told the nurse the needles were huge and she said they needed to be that size. She went to the table and filled them. She turned around and said these go in your bottom. I just looked at her. She told me to raise my gown and lay on my tummy. I raised my hips and she pulled my panties down to my knees. The nurse told me the shots would sting allot when she stuck me and the meds would really hurt. She told me to relax my bottom and it would be better for me. I did and told her that I was ready. She patted my left cheek and I felt the cold alcohol swab. She made a pinch and stuck the needle in. I screamed and cried harder than I ever have when I got shots. She started pushing the meds in, and it hurt so badly, I cried harder and harder. She pulled the needle out, but the pain didn't stop much. The nurse said I was really good with the shot. She told me to relax my bottom again for the next shot. She gave me the shot in my right cheek. It was as bad as the other one. The nurse said to lie still for a few minutes. She left and came back in with mom. Mom told the DR to check my shot chart and I need 6 boosters and tetanus, flu, hpv, and meningitis shots. Mom said I will get 4 boosters now in my bottom and 2 boosters and the other 4 next Saturday. The shots were given different places in my bottom. They were painful, but not as bad as the others. I did cry a little with these. Mom helped me with my panties and she helped put on my shorts. My bottom really hurts all over. Iím not looking forward to next Saturday morning. I guess its better to get it over with as soon as possible. I'll tell how well or bad the shots are next Saturday, Tue, Oct 26, 2010.

Last week I went to the doctor with fever. The doctor said it would be treated with antibiotic injection. At my clinic, all shots are given in a different room where there is a waiting room and chairs where they give the shots. I have been there before and was not worried. I waited in the room while others ahead of me got their shots. Then when it was my turn, she said I had to get two shots in the butt so I would have to go behind the partition, pull down my pants and bend over the table. I didn't even know they had that area for that so I was just looking at her shocked. The others in the waiting area were looking at her and me too. She said to go ahead and that she would be there in a moment. I was embarrassed to go back there but I did and waited bent over the table for what seemed forever. Then she finally came in with two huge needles. She put the alcohol on my bottom and said it would sting and be very uncomfortable but that I should try to relax. I was very nervous and unable to relax. She said if I could not relax, it would hurt a lot more. She massaged the area a little to try to get it relaxed but I think that made me more uncomfortable so more tense. Anyway, she jabbed the first needle in and I kind of jumped and yelled out. Then the burning started and didn't stop. It was still burning when she put the second jab in. At that point, I was yelling and crying. When she was done she said I was to wait there for 10 minutes until she came to check on me and that I should rub the area a little. I am still sore and having trouble sitting down. I was very humiliated and will never go back to that clinic.

I was seeing my primary care provider because I had pneumonia. I had already seen him twice before and this was a follow up but I wasn't any better. He decided to give me a shot of Rocephin to hopefully get it taken care of. At this point I was tired of being sick and I didn't care what they did. I figured the nurse would come in stick a needle in my arm and I'd go home. But, then she came in and I saw the needle and knew it was going to hurt. Then she told me it had to go in my bottom and told me to bend over the foot of the exam table. I did and she pulled my jeans and panties down a little. She told me to put all my weight on my right foot then I felt her swab my left butt cheek and then she kind of pushed down on me with her elbow and sort of pinched me a little with her hand. She asked if I was ready, I said yes, she said you're going to feel a big stick and I did then she said you're going to feel some stinging and after a few seconds it really started to sting. It seemed like it took forever for the medicine to go in and it burned more and more as the time dragged on. I was sore for a few days afterwards but I did finally get over the pneumonia.

I have a fever so the doctor decided to give me an injection. When the nurse escorted me to a room were I have to get a shot, the nurse said to me "just wait until the doctor came in because he will give you a shot."  Then I wait.  As far I donít know that it will be given to my butt.  Then the doctor came in and said "sorry but it will given to your butt."  I tried to protest but the doctor call the nurse and my sister to hold me and lay me on the table and then he lifted my skirt and lowered my panties down.  When the injection was given I shoutend and really cried out loud.

I went to a birth control clinic to get birth control. I didn't want my parents to know and I didn't want them to find birth control pills. I knew you could get a shot. My girlfriend had gotten it before me. She got hers in the arm though. She said it hurt badly. So when this Dr told me I had to have it in my bottom I was pretty scared. He was real nice. After I pulled down my jeans he told me to relax and he seemed gentile. When he swabbed my bottom it was cold. I remember feeling his hand on my bottom, and then I felt the needle. It hurt pretty badly and it seemed like it was in for a real long time. The worst part was anticipating the second shot. My bottom was already sore from the first one and then I was going to get another one. He asked me if I wanted it in the same side or the other side of my bottom. I said I wanted it in the other side. He said OK but told me it would probably be better to have one side that wasn't sore at all. I said OK and he gave it to me in the same side as the first one. I'm not sure that was a good decision because the second one hurt way more. I kind of cried out when the needle went in. It was hard to hold still and I definitely cried.

I had gotten bronchitis pretty bad and couldn't afford to miss anymore cheerleader or basketball practice. I went to the doctor that I had been going to since I was about 10. He examined me like he always does and told me I needed a shot. He said the P.A. would be in to give me a shot in my hip. I asked him why the nurse couldn't give me the shot and he said they were short handed that day and they were all busy. The male P.A., who was about 25, came in and said he was going to give me the shot in my bottom. He told me to turn around and drop my shorts. When I dropped my shorts my blouse covered up my butt so he asked me to hold it up out of the way. When I did he lowered my panties down to just above my knees. After that he took his sweet time preparing the syringe, all the while I am standing there with my butt on display. I never did turn around and look at him, but I am sure he was enjoying himself. Finally he came over and swabbed my cheek with alcohol and jabbed me with the needle. The first time he jabbed me it surprised me and I jumped, so he had to do it again. The shot was some type of thick antibiotic, and it hurt like hell. I was crying after about 5 seconds. The whole shot seemed like it lasted about 30 seconds. After he finished the shot he put a band aid where he had given me the shot and asked me to stay in the exam room for 10 minutes and he would come back and check on me to make sure I wasn't having a reaction. When he came back I had to drop my shorts and bare my butt again. He said he needed to check the injection site to make sure that I wasn't having a reaction. I think he just wanted to see my butt again. 

"My bottom? Why?" I had heard that shots were sometimes given in the rear end. My best friend Linda had dropped enough hints to make me think she had gotten it that way after a recent trip to the emergency room for a tetanus shot. But I'd never been on the receiving "end" before, and I had no idea why shots were sometimes given in the bottom, nor, to be honest, where exactly they went. "Lizzie, it has something to do with the kind of medicine they're injecting. They need a big muscle. In any case, Nurse Agnes wanted me to have you ready to go once she gets back. So why don't you reach under your dress, lower your panties to around your knees, and sit on the exam table." But I wasn't finished with my questions. "Mom, um, I don't understand, does the shot go, um, you know, inside my...I mean, do they have to spread my--" "No, no, no, it goes here, Lizzie sweet" she said, tapping her right bottom cheek. "Is that all Nurse Agnes is going to do, give me a shot--" "Lizzie, dear, come, let's not waste time. Everything's going to be OK. I promise you, you're not the first to get a shot this way. This happens all the time." I could see my mother was losing patience with my questions, so, trembling ever so slightly, and feeling flushed in the face, I did as she asked, reaching under my dress and lowering my panties to just below my bottom, then hopping up on the exam table.

No sooner had I sat down then the door opened. Nurse Agnes quickly closed the door behind her, though not before I saw two older girls walking past, chatting breezily. "So, are we all set?" "Yes, Agnes, I've talked with Lizzie and she knows the deal." "Wonderful," she said, then turned her back to us and started to remove something from its plastic casing. My mother looked me and nodded, mouthing the words, "Don't worry, it'll be OK." I just sat there, waiting for further instructions. "Frances," Nurse Agnes said, still with her back turned to us, "I don't suppose you know if Lisbeth is running a fever." "As of last night," my mom replied, "very slight, a tad over 100." "I see. Well, we should really make sure it hasn't climbed any higher before we get started. Might I ask how you took Lisbeth's temp?" There was silence for a moment. And, then, the word I was dreading: "Rectally, Agnes." "But, Mom, I know how to--" "Oh, Lisbeth, it's no big deal--we have to bare your bottom in any case--and, really, your mom knows what she's doing, it really is the most accurate way." If I was embarrassed before, I was downright humiliated now. I felt as if my deepest, most shameful secret was now out of the closet. Mom was a stickler in everything she did, from measuring ingredients for a recipe to writing in her fastidiously neat handwriting...to getting the most precise reading of our temps when we (my younger sister and I) were sick. She was always promising she'd change us to oral soon, and just as frequently found some reason to delay switching. I guess I hadn't been treated by Nurse Agnes for a few years, and in the meantime the other nurses, when they wanted to take my temperature, just did it orally without asking. But Nurse Agnes was older than the other nurses by a few decades at least. I'm sure she was delighted to have an excuse to take a temp the "old-fashioned way."

I thought of putting up more of a fuss, and then thought better of it. My mother was kind but stern, and one other thing she was a stickler for was obedience. Not wanting to give yet another reason for my bottom to be bared (hint, hint), I did what was expected of me, laying face down on the crinkly sheet of the exam table and pulling my dress up to my stomach to reveal my naked rear end.

My nose to the table, I couldn't see any longer what Nurse Agnes was doing, and I was just as happy not to have to look anyone in the face. I lay there for what seemed like a full minute at least, listening to my mother and Nurse Agnes make small talk about the recent Easter holiday and what not. Finally, Nurse Agnes walked over to the exam table, and it all started. I couldn't remember the last time I'd had my temperature taken rectally by anyone beside my mother, and Nurse Agnes had a somewhat different method. For example, my mother used Vaseline as a lubricant, but from the corner of my eye I could make out that Nurse Agnes had a tube of K-Y Jelly. My mother would dip the thermometer into the container of Vaseline, and then insert it directly into my anus. Nurse Agnes, on the other hand, coated her gloved finger with lubricant, then spread my bottom cheeks, and stuck her finger ever so slightly into my rectum, then just as quickly withdrew it. My mother followed Dr. Spock's instructions to a tee: after inserting the thermometer, she placed it between her fingers and cupped my bottom with my hand the entire time it registered. But Nurse Agnes just inserted it, made sure it was nestled securely, and then left me there to return to her preparations.

Around five minutes or so later, she returned, removed the thermometer, and declared, "99.9, rectal. All right, then, we're good to go." Amid all my consternation about the rectal temp, I'd almost forgotten the reason I was here in the first place.

The rest of my story will be familiar to anyone who remembers a shot in the bottom. The rubbing of an alcohol swab on my upper right bottom cheek; the initial pinch; followed by the throbbing pain of the actual injection. When I was all over, I desperately tried to rub the ache out, forgetting for a brief moment my initial embarrassment about my bottom being all bare to begin with. Then, Nurse Agnes suggested to my mom that we sit there for a few minutes to make sure I didn't get an allergic reaction. And when I didn't, it was all over. I got dressed and we left the doctor's office. But I felt certain the rest of the day that everyone could see through me, that they knew that, earlier that morning; I'd gotten a shot (and, even worse, a thermometer) in the bottom. Twenty-two years later, I still feel somewhat ashamed even to think of it.

I happened to get Fever and was taking rest in my house. My cousin 23 years old came to see me and said to my mom that he will take me to doctor immediately. Mom agreed and ushered me to get along with him. We waited for our turn in Doctor's office and entered. Doctor ordered the nurse to take my temperature. It was an oral one and read 102deg.Doctor said it is very high fever and you have cold too, so better take a shot. I was scarred a lot and was about to cry. My cousin told me it will be ok soon and convinced me. Meanwhile nurse came with loaded syringe and said it will be in my back and asked me to lie on the table. I felt very bad. Nurse asked my cousin to wait outside but I said itís not a problem because I wanted someone close to relieve my pain. He helped me to lie on the table and nurse pulled my skirt up. I was wearing a black polka panties and nurse pulled it down. Cousin was standing near the table and holding me. I felt a cool alcohol in my right cheek and next moment a bee stung. I started crying badly and in few seconds it got over leaving my butt sore. Then my cousin rubbed the area with the cotton for few minutes and adjusted the panty. We paid the fees and moved off.

Actually, except for the pain of the medication. I was more comfortable getting the injection this way, rather than bending over or laying stomach down. The nurse was very professional, and explained to me that it was easier to have my bottom muscle completely relaxed. She talked softly to me during each shot, and constantly asked if I was ok. She was also seated, rather than leaning over me, and that made me more comfortable. After the injection, she asked me if she could gently massage each cheek to help the medicine go deeper. I consented. She made me continue reclining for about three minutes to be sure I was ok. She saw that I was a bit dizzy, so she asked me to sit down and even helped me put on my pants again. She was young, but very polite and respectful. She always told me exactly what she was doing and why, and asked me if she could help me get dressed. After I got back to the car, I realized that my entire bottom was on fire!!! But her kindness made me forget about it while I was undergoing the procedure. I wish all doctors would have this device. It is so much more comfortable with the position and having your face down into a cone.

I was 16 at the time. I had gotten a sore throat from my younger brother. He didn't have it that back, but I got a very bad case. I asked my boyfriend to take me to the doctor. After waiting in the doctor's office for the longest time they called my name. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted him to go with me. Not knowing I was going to get a shot, I said yes. The nurse (a man about 30) came in and took my temperature and said it was running low. He asked me if I had anything to eat or drink recently. I said yes, I had just finished drinking a coke. He said that was messing with the thermometer and that we would need to take my temperature "the other way". When I realized what he meant I almost freaked out. After my boyfriend calmed me down I finally agreed. The nurse had me undo my shorts and lay on the exam table. I lay on the exam table on my tummy and the nurse pulled my panties down to my knees and took my temperature. After what seemed like an eternity he pulled the thermometer out and said I was running a fever and left the exam room. After a few minutes the doctor came in and examined me and did a throat swab. He said it looked like I had a bad case of strep and that he would send the nurse in with my prescriptions after the test came back. About ten minutes later the nurse came back in and said I was going to be getting two shots in my bottom. I did freak out this time. Again, my boyfriend helped me calm down. The nurse said I need to turn around and drop my shorts for the shots. I turned around and undid my shorts again. When I pulled my shorts and panties down they ended up falling all the way to the floor around my ankles. The nurse patted my right cheek and said to take the weight off of that side. He then swabbed a spot on my cheek and said that it was going to sting a little. That was an understatement. It felt like a bee was stinging me in my bottom. I cried begging for him to stop. He finished that shot and I told him I couldn't take another one. My boyfriend took me by the hand and led me over his lap where the nurse gave me the second shot in my left cheek. The second one hurt worse than the first. I just lay across my boyfriends lap and sobbed while I got the shot. After the shot I laid there for several more minutes crying. My boyfriend rubbed my back and my bottom trying to help the sting go away. I finally was able to pull my shorts and panties back up. My boyfriend had to help me out to the car since my bottom hurt so bad.

I was 12 and had come down with a bad case of strep throat. The first time I went to the doctor he sent me home with a prescription for oral medication. But I had a recurrence--and, back then (this was the early 1980s), pretty much any time you had a recurrence they gave you a penicillin shot. I was scared enough to get a shot, but when I learned, at the doctor's office, that it would go into my bottom I was downright horrified. I was then, and still am, very self-conscious about baring my bottom. I had always dreaded spankings and rectal temps for that very reason. Now that I was 12, and my spanking days seemed to have ended, I associated baring my bottom with being a child, and I was desperate to seem grown up.

"I was wearing a paper gown in the examining room. I was told to roll over on the table until I was face down. My bare bottom was exposed and when I tried to reposition the gown for some coverage, the doctor told me to relax since he needed a wide area exposed. I lay there for what seemed like several minutes while the nurse and doctor went over what shots I would need, and finally, the doctor swabbed a spot in the middle of my right cheek with alcohol and then told me to get ready for a stinging sensation."

"I had to strip and bend over almost like I was going to get a whipping. The Doctor did not bother to give me a gown since he was going to exam me after the shots. He examined my privates and it was detected that I had probably picked up a case of crab and so they made tests for other VD's as well. The doctor and my dad were angry about this discovery and Dad promised be a date with his razor strop when I got home. The SOB doctor agreed that I needed a steady dose of discipline. The nurse at that point began the injections. It seems they found more than was necessary and I soon felt like a pincushion. I got the whipping of my life at home and my sore ass was really sore after that."

"nurse came told me to lie on the bed than she lowered my jeans and panties after that she applied some cold thing on my butts than she rub it with cotton than suddenly she pinch middle in my butts I felt like I sat on cactus plant"

"I had went to my doctor's office because of a stomach virus that I'd been dealing with for a few days and hadn't kept any food down. They did a thorough exam, including a rectal and then decided to give me the shot to settle my stomach.  the medication was cold and another nurse opened the door while I stood bent over the table exposed and the whole waiting room could see into the room I was in."

"The doctor told me to remove my pants and panties and to lie on the examination couch on my stomach. He disinfected my left buttock with alcohol and gave me the shot."

"Nurse knocked on the door entered and said I have an injection for you. She told me to stand up in needed to go in the bottom. Instructed me to lean over the table and hold still. Injected the shot and left."

"She just said, "This is going in the back end!" (Music to my ears, seriously!) So I very gracefully bared my entire bottom (though I probably didn't need to do that, either) for the sweet, older nurse I'd known for so long & posed myself at pretty much a 90-degree angle over the end of the table. She was nice enough to ask me which side I wanted it in (is that SWEEEEET or what?); I patted my left haunch & said "Oh, this one, I guess". So that's where I got it; stung only mildly. Kinda nice, it was!"

"and it was a male nurse, ugh. after the x-rays confirmed bronchitis, doctor wanted to start antibiotics immediately. luckily, the male nurse just made me pull my pants down half way. so I was real glad I didn't have to be on my stomach, or all fours bare butt in the air"

"the doctor told me I needed a shot and to pull up my skirt and pull down my panties. I asked if he was going to give it or the nurse. He said he would. Figures, I thought...he was cute and my age. He walked out to get the shot. When he came back in, I was bending over the table. He told me to lower my panties to my knees and pulled up his stool and patted my bottom...said it would only sting a little. He put alcohol on my cheek and said to take a deep breath....ouch..it hurt and hurt. He pulled out the needle and rubbed the shot place with alcohol again....way too long as far as I was concerned...my ass was just in his face almost. He said he was going to put a band aid on it....and did. He actually pulled up my panties over my bottom....soooo embarrassing....to make matters worse, he said he needed to see me in three days for another shot....guess who gave me that one too..."

"The nurse entered the room with two loaded syringes. She motioned me to turn around. I complied and dropped my pants. She instructed me to put all my weight on my left leg. She then swabbed my right cheek and injected me. She did not give me any warning and caught me off guard, as the needle went in I jumped and said "ah ha". She said "sorry" and asked "are you ok". I said yes. She then asked if I wanted the other one in the other side, I said yes and she instructed me to put all my weight on my right leg. All I felt from the second one was some pressure. Then without another word she turned and left the room. I pulled up my pants and left shortly after."

"nurse came in with syringe and told me that I was getting a shot. I started rolling up my sleeve and she informed me it needed to go in my bottom. I turned over and undid my pants and slid them down some the nurse pulled them down past my buttocks and told me to relax. She swabbed off my right buttock and told me to take a deep breath and hold it. I then felt the sting of the needle and she told me to exhale as she depressed the plunger and injected the penicillin in my butt. She placed a band aid over the site and told me to come back in the morning for another."

"Well I put in a box that a parent gave it to me, but it wasn't a parent, it was my next door neighbor who was my teacher at the time and she was watching me while my parents were on vacation for 3 weeks. I was sick one night and I guess she used to be nurse before she became a teacher so she called the doctor and told him that I was throwing up and my head felt warm. The doctor said that she was to take my temperature and give him a call back. So she gets the thermometer out and I open my mouth and she said "Other end sweetie, sorry". So she had me pull up my nightie and pull down my underwear and she laid me over her lap and put it in. I started crying and she said that there was nothing to be afraid about and to just relax and then she patted my butt cheek. Then she called the doctor back and my temperature was 101 and I Had been throwing up for 2 days. So the doctor told her to come in to hospital to get a syringe and a needle with the vile of medication and she can give a the shot at home. So she goes and gets it and gets back within 10 minuets. She comes upstairs with it all in a bag. I started to life up the sleeve and she told me that it had to go in my butt. I started to cry and protest and she had her husband hold me down over her lap as she stuck it in my bottom. I cried and after it was over she held me and comforted) me. "

"Actually resisted and almost had to be held down. Male nurse lifted my skirt and lowered my panties while parent held me."

"I was in the emergency room, and the doctor examined me. I had an infection in my leg. He ordered an injection, and pulled the curtain and left. Shortly, a nurse came in, with a small tray, with a hypodermic needle on it, and told me to turn over on my stomach. I did, and she slid my skirt up over my hips, and lowered my panties to my knees. She told me the injection would hurt, and then she cleaned one side of my bare bottom very thoroughly with alcohol pads. I saw her take a cap off of a thick, long needle, and then I felt her gloved hand push my bare bottom up tightly, and she quickly inserted the needle into the middle of my bottom. I had expected it up higher in the hip, but this one was directly in my bottom. She slowly began to inject the medication, and it stung and burned for hours afterward. When she removed the needle, she left, telling me I could get dressed. I pulled up my panties and pulled down my skirt."

"the nurse told me to lower my jeans and panties just enough so that she could get at my hip. was still holding my jeans as she gave me the injection. it was a long needle but did not hurt as it was so small."

"I had to get an injection and my aunt was a nurse so she get the penicillin and made me go in her room and lay down on her bed and I had to pull down my pants and boxers and she gave me the shot and it hurt a lot"

"A nurse came into my room and told me that I needed to get two injections of antibiotics. She told me that I needed to get them in my buttocks because they needed to be injected into a large muscle area. I told her that I did not like needles especially in my butt. She called in another nurse who also explained about the shots. I finally agreed and turned over onto my stomach. When I saw one of the nurses holding this unbelievable long hypodermic needle I really freaked out. The other nurse held my hips and just told me to relax while the first nurse put the needle in. It was the most painful shot that I ever got. After it was finally over, they both said simultaneously "one more and we're done. She put the other needle in they other side of my butt and it hurt worse than the first one."

"The doctor told me the nurse would be in to give me a shot. I had my shirt off for the exam, and figured I would leave it off for the nurse to give me the shot in my arm. When she came in, she told me that the shot had to got in "my bottom". She didn't give me any instructions, so I turned around, dropped my pants, and bent over the table. I felt the stick, but nothing else. Then I felt another stick, and then the medicine going in. After she was done, she rubbed the site with an alcohol swab, and said "sorry about that first one". To this day I don't know if she hit a blood vessel and had to reinsert the needle in a different location, or if she was flustered and poked me inadvertently."

"If I recall correctly, the nurse came in and explained that I was going to have a couple of shots in my bottom for the anesthesia. She asked me to roll over, and then she turned down my blanket, opened my gown (those damn things open in the back), took down my underpants, and gave me about two or three shots. Then she put my underpants back up and asked me to roll over on my back."

"The doctor told me I was going to need a shot of antibiotics. He left the room and after awhile the nurse came in with the shot. It had a long needle on it. She told me she was going to have to do it in my bottom. I tried to protest but my mom told me to turn over. Mom lifted my skirt and lowered my panties. I cried when the injection was given."


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